120 watt LED Followspot

$105.00 / night

120 watt LED follow spot and stand, with DMX, electronic dimmer, zoom, manual iris control, and onboard colour presets including CTO warm white. Perfect for small to medium venues, stage shows, productions, concerts, and can even be used truss or stand mounted as a DMX controlled profile / spot light.

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LED Followspot 120ST is a portable, LED followspot that emits a well defined beam via a 120 watt LED.

This unit is cabable of highlighting performers at distances of up to 30 metres and the on-board CTO filter is also available to lower colour temperatures to a ‘warm white’ to match conventional incadescent lamps.

The unit features DMX and manual modes fading with smooth LED dimming.

You can focus the the light exactly where it’s needed using the mechanical iris to reduce the beam’s diameter and deliver silent operation with fast electronic strobe, discrete and almost silent operation.

Set up and tear down in seconds with the included tripod which is an upgraded version versus the units originally supplied by the manufacturer.

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