Showtec Creator DMX Controller

$70.00 / night

The Showtec Creator Compact can control up to 32 24 channel fixtures split across two 384 channel DMX universes.

The Creator Compact is quick to setup and for larger shows, or shows repeating nightly or multiple times per day, the onboard USB makes it possible to store your settings and shows.

The Creator Compact comes with built-in shape effects of pan/tilt circle, RGB rainbow, beam dimming waves, etc. 10 scenes and 5 built-in shapes can be output simultaneously. Faders can be used to output scenes and adjust the intensity of the dimmer channels in the scenes.


  • Control 32 fixtures up to 24 channels each (768 channels)
  • 60 Scenes/Chases
  • Onboard Shape generator
  • Intelligent / assignable jog-wheels
  • 768 DMX channels (two universes)
  • Up to 32Fixtures
  • 24 Channels for each fixture
  • Up to 60 Chases
  • Up to 10 chases to run simultaneously
  • Up to 120 Chase steps
  • Time control of scenes Fade in/out, LTP slope
  • Shapes for each scene 5
  • Shape generator Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY, Colour, Gobo, Iris and Focus
  • Shapes to run simultaneously 5
  • USB Memory FAT32 supported for storing settings and shows
  • Weight: 4.6 Kg

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Showtec Creator DMX Controller 2x384 Channel

If you are looking for a mid-range DMX controller with up to 24 channels per fixture, our Showtec Creator Compact 2x 384 channel (2 DMX universes) controller with a range of onboard pre-programmed shapes for intelligent lighting and moving heads is a great option with control of up to 32 fixtures across two DMX universes. Great when used with our DMX wireless controllers and ideal partner for the Showtec Phantom 75 and 95 moving heads, and with onboard fixture patching, this will work with almost any fixture of up to 24 channels and is perfect for more advanced moving heads with separate gobo, iris, fader, zoom, pan, tilt, and RGB parameters available when fixture patching.