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Robust, modular partitioning & safety separation screens for retail, warehouse, assembly line & manufacturing environments


Benefits of our truss based solution

Our expertise in truss based systems has allowed us to design and develop these new truss based partitioning solutions and 'safety screen' systems which will allow for the implementation of modular work spaces, and where required, separation and distancing to be implemented in a wide range of retail and industrial environments.

We offer complete turnkey solutions - whether you need to protect a small number of workers in a store environment, or provide a safe working environment for your employees in warehouse, packing or assembly line environments, our truss based systems provide a robust, safe, secure and highly effective solution.

Equipped with either perspex / acrylic or high-grade transparent PVC dividers, our system provides a lightweight but effective barrier system and may assist in providing effective first-line protection by separating employees and customers and providing a level of protection* against direct contact with sneezes and coughs.

We don't supply flimsy, unstable solutions which pose safety, reliability or maintenance issues. Our truss based solution provides a strong, safe and highly modular solution and can be configured to span and /or fit around existing tills, desks, packing stations, counters and shelves.

We utilise truss systems from a leading global provider with all truss load rated and tested by TUV under applicable standards.

Design, deliver, install & maintain

With in-house design capability and extensive expertise with truss based systems, we can design an implement a solution in a matter of days ensuring your business can continue to operate whilst ensuring adequate employee distancing and safety.

We are full licensed and insured for truss installation with all installations completed by a licensed rigger (HRW RI) and many of our team also hold current construction White Cards.

Whether you choose a short or long term rental, or prefer to purchase, we stock a large volume of truss in our Sydney North Shore warehouse for fast delivery.

Long span and bridging capabilities

One of the inherent advantages of our truss solution is the ability to install long unsupported spans of up to 15 metres. This provides us with the ability to bridge multiple obstructions and also minimise the number of uprights required which in turn assist with a cleaner aesthetics in retail and high visibility environments.

At a 15 metre span, a typical solution is still capable of holding loads of around 35kg per metre uniformly distributed - more than adequate for holding multiple perspective screens, partitions, and even additional cabling, lighting units and more if installing this solution as part of an integrated solution.

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*Please note - our solution has not been independently laboratory tested and as such we make no specific claim against the effectiveness of our systems or solutions nor do we warrant or guarantee any such protection levels. In no way do our systems replace underlying guidelines or legislative requirements, but may assist in implementing such guidelines through effective partitioning of workspaces.


High quality turnkey solutions for staff & customer protection & separation


  • Complete turnkey solutions
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Large scale modular truss based bay system ready for fit out
From small retail solutions to modular installations in large warehouse or industrial environments, our skilled and fully insured team can quickly design, deliver and build to your exact requirements.