Acoustic Analysis & Noise Mapping

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Element ICT can provide an array of acoustic analysis, modelling and noise mapping services which will assist in predicting the acoustic performance and behaviour of any external or interior space, and steps which can be implemented to improve acoustic performance, improve listener experience or system intelligibility, or assist with noise attenuation.

We can effectively model a wide range of acoustic environments directly in software - ideal for assessing performance at the pre-planning or planning stage for new builds, and we can also accurately model existing environments complete with varying attenuation characteristics and accurate representation on the acoustic reflectivity and attenuation behaviours of walls, floors, and other surfaces.

acoustic analysis sound mapping

An example sound level / noise map showing a multi-building layout with two installed sound sources , i.e. external speakers, overall noise heat map, receiver levels at fixed locations, and also receiver levels behind an acoustic barrier (in this example representing residential housing behind an installed 4 metre high acoustic barrier)

For complex or demanding environments, we can also provide on-site acoustic surveys which analyse a wide array of acoustic behaviours and assist in providing advice for implementing system performance enhancements, or in scoping new audio hardware as required.

Element ICT can provide a complete range of virtual / software acoustic modelling, noise mapping and predictive measurements, on-site surveys and complete turn-key solutions including:

  • Acoustic modelling for sound pressure, attenuation and frequency response predictions
  • Noise mapping including visual acoustic heat map production and system performance graphical representations
  • On-site surveys for measurement of noise / sound pressure levels and frequency analysis in industrial or commercial environments, or to assist with planning of noise suppression or attenuation systems, or building / room acoustic treatments
  • Live performance venue surveys, modelling and enhancement recommendations to address issues with attenuation and listener experience
  • Surveys to assist with installation planning including mounting locations, defining electrical and audio / data cabling, and hardware installation
  • Site audio surveys - identification of existing system issues, system performance, sound output pressure level testing, RT60 performance, system frequency response analysis,
  • Complete turnkey solutions and installations from planning through installation and commissioning including logistics, plant hire, equipment hire and installation

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