Atmospherics - Smoke & Haze Machines

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We have an extensive range of atmospherics, smoke & haze machines for hire, as well as commercial CO2 jet machines and spark machines. 

Atmospherics are used with lights and lasers to produce highly impressive visual effects at all sorts of parties, concerts and events. Smoke and haze machines can also be used to create a specific mood or to enhance the dramatic effect for stage and theatre. We have in stock a wide range of atmospherics, smoke, haze and faze machines available for hire which are suitable for all type of venues and events, from small to very large.

We also stock co2 jet machines and cold spark machines for commercial hire, and we can supply the spark powders and co2 as required. Contact us to arrange a commercial hire.

Unsure of what you need to achieve the look you are after? Our definitive guide to 'atmospherics' explains the differences between smoke machines, foggers, haze machines and faze machines and how they work. Or contact us to discuss which types of atmospherics and lights and lasers pair together to best suit your individual visual needs. We can design custom, bespoke and large hire packages for all sorts of events, functions and parties, from weddings to festivals.