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Whether you're hosting an outdoor event or live performance an indoor event away from power or simply need a discrete portable PA solution, we have a range of solutions.

Our range of battery powered PA equipment includes Bose S1 Pro portable PA speakers, Behringer Xenyx battery powered mixers and Shure BLX wireless mics with battery packs.

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With a large number of systems in our hire inventory, we can cater for outdoor events, or indoor events without access to power of up to 300 people.Portable performer pack featuring Bose S1 Pro portable PA speakers and Shure wireless mics

The S1 Pro is a portable battery powered PA speaker, which can be combined with fully battery powered wireless mics and mic receivers for a total PA solution without compromise.

With a compact and discrete design the S1 Pro is ideal for events without easy access to power - or where power is available and a lightweight portable PA is preferred - including:

  • Media and press events
  • Weddings and wedding celebrant use
  • Musicians - outdoor events and busking
  • Corporate events such as team building days and product launches
  • Exhibition and conference use
  • School events, including sports carnivals and open days 
  • Fetes, carnivals, sports club fundraisers and finals days and much more
  • In fact almost any use where a powerful battery powered PA solution is required

Our portable hire bundles featuring the S1 Pro run for a minimum of 7 hours at full output. They can - and we've measured this ourselves - reach over 10 hours of run time at lower output levels.

All this alongside:

  • Exceptional output quality which rivals systems many times its size
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy music playback from phones, iPads or other bluetooth enabled devices
  • Dual input channels with XLR / 1/4" jack combos with adjustable volume, bass and treble per channel and
  • 2 channels with high-quality reverb!

Located in Hornsby, Element ICT is perfectly positioned for convenient hire and event support of all of your event PA, lighting and trussing and rigging requirements anywhere on Sydney's North Shore, Northern Beaches or Central Coast, and further afield by request.

Crystal clear and powerful audio

You simply won't believe what clear and powerful audio this small, lightweight and versatile portable PA speaker system can produce - quite simply they outperform most other comparable portable PAs on the market right now and are the go-to choice for a wide range of events.

In fact, this speaker is equally at home providing vocal amplification and sound at a beach event, wedding, product launch, corporate or media event as it is providing PA away from power for advertising and sales, small bands or entertainers at street events, in parks or more*! 

Ample run time at full power

With a run time of up to 11 hours at full output and includes multiple inputs for mics and instruments and Bluetooth functionality so you can stream audio and music from Bluetooth connected devices. They can be stand, floor or table mounted for perfect versatility - perfect also for when you need the speaker to be discretely located. 

Wired and wireless mic compatible

These work perfectly with our range of wired microphones including our Shure SM58s and Sennheiser E835s, and if you are looking for a full wireless option (handheld, lapel, or head / cheek mics) we also have a power pack which allows us to run our Shure BLX Mic systems away from power. A number of these systems are also available in M17 or other suitable frequency band to ensure full interference free outdoor use.

All  of our microphone options are  perfect partners for the Bose portable PA systems, ensuring great vocal clarity and freedom of movement whether you are a singer, presenter, public speaker or even a marriage celebrant!

Add a second, third or fourth for bigger events!

The capabilities of the S1 Pro speakers can be further expanded by linking two (or more if required!) of the units either via cable or via Bluetooth for double the output, and significantly wider audio coverage. A two unit configuration would confidently suit events of 150+ people, even with background noise and a four unit solution would happily cater to 300+ people.

Perfect for your event, in fact nearly any event!

If you are looking to hire a crystal clear, reliable, high fidelity portable PA that will deliver clear and powerful sound and speech reproduction, our portable PA system hire Bose S1 Pro packages will deliver.

*Weather conditions permitted and when used in safe working conditions protected from rain and moisture.

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