Hire a moving head hybrid for your next event.

Moving head hybrids are a great lighting unit for bands, concerts, DJs, general event and stage lighting and product launches.

All units can be floor or truss mounted, feature fast and dynamic pan and tilt and rotating gobos and prisms to split the beam further.

Some unit also feature zoom via DMX allowing you to use the moving head at its most effect settings in medium to larger venues.

Element ICT carries an extensive range of audio, lighting, stage, trussing and visual equipment suitable for events right up to 5,000 capacity and we have worked to ensure that our inventory suits a wide range of tech riders from concert touring through exhibition and live stage production requirements. With experienced light and sound designers and backed up by a dedicated production team with a large inventory of the leading equipment, we have a solution for every event; whatever the size, venue or location.

Contact us today for custom, bespoke and large hire packages, or call us direct on (02) 9477 3757 for a friendly discussion on your requirements and our best pricing.

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