Complete Epson EBU-42 Bose Projector Package

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Suitable for a wide range of events from corporate presentations to marketing events, the Epson EB-U24 projector is a high quality, easy to use audiovisual solution.

Featuring up to 3,600 lumens colour and white brightness, and brilliant full HD resolution to ensure clear and sharp image quality with a 1920×1200 resolution. Wirelessly project your presentation from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, or connect via HDMI.

The S1 Pro is a portable battery-powered PA speaker, which can be combined with fully battery-powered wireless mics and mic receivers for a total PA solution without compromise. With a compact and discreet design, the S1 Pro is ideal for events without easy access to power – or where power is available and a lightweight portable PA is preferred.

Shure BLX288PG58 wireless dual handheld bundle is a professional grade offering ensuring reliability for live event use and suitable for live performances, exhibitions, conferences and more. Features include:

Included in package:
1 x Epson EB-U42 Projector
1 x 100″ screen
2 x Bose S1 Pro Portable Battery Powered Speaker
1 x Shure BLX88 Dual Wireless Receiver
2 x BLX2 PG58 Handheld Wireless Microphones

120″ screen also available

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