FilmGear LED360 Light

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LED Lights for television production are the new standard for shooting video for television production. The FilmGear LED360 lights have a long life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. This is longer than fluorescent tubes and far longer incandescent bulbs. They light up and stabilize instantly. They are far lighter weight than incandescent or HMI lights.


Input Voltage


95 – 265V AC

22 – 36V DC

Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Input Current


3.8 – 1.4A @ 95 – 265V AC

12A @ 30V DC

Color Temp.



5600K (Daylight)

3200K (Tungsten)

2700K – 6000K (Bi-color)

Dimming Range0-100%
Control SignalDMX 512
DMX Channel1
LED LifeApprox. 30,000Hrs
M.O. / P.O. StirrupØ28mm (1-1/8 in.) Spigot
Class / IP Rating1 / IP 20
Max. Surface Temp.70 ºC
Max. Ambient Temp.45 ºC
Operating Range+90º ~ 0º ~ -90º
Weight (Lamphead)


16.0 kg (M.O.)

17.4 kg (P.O.)

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