Ibanez 2024 Promo - Element ICT

New Black Truss & Neon Flex – Ibanez 2024

We recently provided full production services, rigging, LX, technical ops and a total of 15 screens for Australis Music Group’s Ibanez Global promo video and we’re sure you’ll agree that the end result looks fantastic!

The shoot features our new matte black truss, which we have available as F34 290mm truss, as well as our new Neon Flex tubing, both of which added a real flair to the shoot. Matte black truss is perfect for when you want truss to blend in with a dark background.

Neon Flex tubing is a flexible alternative to traditional glass neon lighting. It can be shaped to suit a variety of installation requirements. Currently we have the Neon Flex available in blue, white and yellow, with more colours coming soon.

Check out the video for a full view of the Ibanez set.

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