Showtec Inversion Quad Mirror Scanner (hire per night)

$40.00 / night

The Showtec Inversion is a fantastic compact and capable 4 mirror all in one scanner unit suitable for a wide range of events in small to medium sized venues.

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The Showtec Inversion is a 4 mirror scanner effect with LED matrix-based gobos.

It features 60 x 5mm LED’s and RGBA Colours.

Use one of the fantastic on-board sound-to-light programs (and these units have a great sound to light processor which works really well with a wide array of music, or use DMX on-board, in 17 channel DMX mode you can control every scanner separately and select 10 patterns, patterns speed, pattern rotate, and strobe for each output.

A compact but robust unit which produces some great shows for small to medium venues and an ideal DJ lighting option.