Professional & portable recording solutions

Pro-grade recording and broadcast bundle featuring a FocusRite 8i18 Gen 2 and a Shure KSM32 professional grade large diaphragm condenser mic
Pictured above is one of our mid-range audio interfaces – in this case a Gen 2 FocusRite 8i18 and a professional grade Shure KSM32 large diaphragm condenser mic perfect for both recording and broadcast / live streaming use.

Whether you want to record a band, set up a broadcasting solution, or need a high quality home or studio recording solution for recording, podcasting or live recording, we have a wide range of short term hire and longer term rental solutions including professional grade mics, audio interfaces, effects and processing and accessories professional recording headphones, stands, pop filters, noise guards and portable vocal booths.

Call us today to enquire about short and long term hire and rental.

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