Becoming a Leading Sustainable Event Supplier – Our 2020 Goals

We’ve experienced rapid growth in 2019, and whilst this is pleasing for any business, we’ve taken a pause following the end of year event season to think how we can continue to grow, service our customers to the highest level, and offer an expanded range of sound, lighting, A/V and related event equipment whilst in turn placing a focus on becoming a leading Australian Sustainable Event Supplier.

What better year than 2020 – with 20:20 a term often used for ideal vision and sight – to focus on sustainability.

We truly and strongly believe that we can become a sustainable event leader in 2020 – and beyond – through a focus on our own business, our team, and our choice of suppliers and by implication our supply chain itself.

So to this effect, we have produced our Sustainable Event Charter which will be published in full on the website in coming days, and against which we will monitor and publish our progress throughout 2020.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is of course much more than just reducing our carbon footprint, emissions, & improving re-use and recycling.

It’s about taking an introspective look at how we go about our core business and adjusting every facet to ensure that we can continue to delight our customers in the delivery of innovative events, providing top quality event equipment and all whilst remaining at a competitive price point.

We’re convinced we can achieve this, and indeed passionate in this becoming one of our core strategic goals for 2020 and so, in summary, we will be focusing on a number of sustainability related initiatives.

These initiatives are defined as:

  • Reducing our overall warehouse / office energy consumption versus 2019 levels and verifying that our chosen power supplier can accommodate our green energy goals
  • Using efficient well maintained delivery vehicles, and leveraging car and commercial vehicle sharing schemes where these provide access to fuel efficient vehicles
  • Scheduling equipment delivery runs where practical outside of peak hours to improve vehicle fuel economy and emissions levels
  • Working with our waste management company to ensure that the maximum percentage of our incoming product packaging materials can be fully recycled
  • Where practical and safe to do so, packaging our equipment for transit and delivery in the most weight efficient manner to reduce vehicle fuel use due to lightened loads carried
  • Identifying and selecting suppliers who share our sustainable event ethos, and choosing products whose components can be effectively recycled at the end of their working lifecycles
  • Where safe and permitted by relevant regulations and certifications, and economically viable, repairing equipment rather than replacing with new items when faults or issues are identified
  • Identifying and using energy efficient equipment where practical
  • Assisting our end customers in best practice for powering down equipment when not in use for longer duration events

We hope our customers and suppliers alike can collectively support and also carry the baton of sustainability in 2020 and beyond. We are convinced that together we can make a meaningful difference and contribution to the wider sustainable event community.

Thank you in advance for your support, and if you have any ways in which you would like us to consider adding to our sustainability goals, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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